Participants report that when Romal takes the stage or sits down at the conference table with a group, they feel as if he’s speaking directly to them. With a compelling style that has impressed international audiences, Romal moves people to action, compassion, and systemic change, impacting the effectiveness of individuals, leaders, executives, and their teams.

Romal cultivates purpose and passion that equips people to heal the wounds of their past, bravely offering his own journey as a case study of raw transparency and refreshing honesty. As a full-time speaker and author, Romal guides audiences through the process of identifying and embracing their unique destinies. Committed to living into the six-word sentence that defines his life—“he helps hurting people find healing”—Romal’s platform and cross-sector relationships have positioned him as a global leader who equips individuals, organizations and institutions to recover from setbacks and achieve success by honoring the particularity of their unique stories.


As a social entrepreneur, Romal created “ClereStory Education,” a nonprofit that creates access to scholarships, cultural exchanges, and career opportunities for high school students in impoverished communities around the globe. The ClereStory Education Fund has assisted hundreds of students by generating over six million dollars for impact investing.


Whether he is speaking with officials at an embassy, addressing thousands of business leaders from a podium, or motivating a conference for inner-city high school teachers, Romal uses the power of story to demonstrate that an individual’s tomorrow doesn’t have to look like their yesterday or today. He not only addresses the question of why systems and structures in our world are broken—education, poverty, technology, leadership, and more—he also offers solutions that empower others to create effective responses.
Testimonial by Daniel White Hodge, Ph.D
We have worked with Romal on several occasions and find him to be very knowledgeable, practical yet conceptually oriented, and extremely easy to work with. His expertise is unmatched and Tune generated quite an interest on our campus, as a whole, which in turn means that other departments and centers will be having Romal back on campus. Romal is an excellent communicator. His ability to talk on academic and scholarly issues while still being able to dialog with teenagers is a skill that not very many speakers are equipped with.
Daniel White Hodge, Ph.D
Director of The Center for Youth Ministry Studies
Testimonial by F. Douglas Powe, Jr., Ph.D
If you are looking for a powerful speaker that will challenge how you think and touch people’s hearts, Romal is your man. He has an innate ability to weave stories from his life with the realities we face today in ministry in a way that challenges and gives hope.
F. Douglas Powe, Jr., Ph.D
Wesley Theological Seminary Professor of Urban Ministry
Testimonial by Ron Pollack
Romal has helped increase our nationwide network of faith leaders who are working on healthcare justice, and has advised us on innovative ways to reach this important group. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Romal in the future.
Ron Pollack
Executive Director, Families USA
Testimonial by Peter Hahn
Romal held United Way Worldwide connect with religious leaders from across the country as part of our campaign to recruit one million volunteer readers, tutors and mentors. He launched a successful outreach strategy, including a new guidebook that helped United Way build strong partnerships at the local level.
Peter Hahn
Vice President, National Engagement United Way Worldwide