Thought Leader, Author, Speaker,
Social Entrepreneur

Welcome to RomalTune.com, Yes, Tune is my real name and no, I can’t sing! My last name is (Tune) but that is about as close as I get to holding a note, lol. I am a father, an author, a veteran, a world traveler, art collector and the founder of ClereStory Education Fund. The focus of my life’s work is using the power of storytelling to bring about meaningful change. I teach individuals, non-profits and companies how to tap into the uniqueness of their stories and experience exponential growth. Everything begins and ends with the stories you are accepting as true about who and what you can become. These stories guide your thoughts and actions. I also teach organizations how to create a narrative that guides their work in order to accomplish goals and achieve their vision. The right story helps team members thrive in a healthy work culture.

“Everything begins and ends with the stories you are telling yourself
about you and have accepted as true.”

When he takes the stage or enters a room, his compelling style conveys a purpose that instantly intrigues people. This wasn’t always the case for Romal.
His story begins as an inner-city kid from the California Bay area who wasn’t expected to accomplish much. The son of a drug addicted mother and an absentee father, Romal never lived anywhere long enough to call any place home. He learned the “art of the hustle” at an early age. From panhandling on the streets to enlisting in the Army to achieving a masters degree in Divinity from Duke University, he beat the odds that were stacked against him, or so he thought. After a string of successful positions working with some of America’s elite business and political leaders, Romal realized that he needed to face the past and heal the wounds that continued to linger and were keeping him from experiencing the true joy of his success. He never imagined therapy would play a key role in his healing.
“I help hurting people find healing”— has become the six-word mission statement that defines Romal’s life and his platform. His commitment to living an authentic life allows him to share his journey of faith in God plus therapy as the combination that lead him to wholeness. As an author and speaker, Romal has become a global leader who guides individuals, organizations and institutions to recover from setbacks and achieve success by honoring their unique stories. With an infectious style that has impacted audiences around the world, Romal moves people to action! Through compassion, and systemic change, he creates and environment that will empower you in your life’s journey.

His belief in the
power of healing and his passion
to help others is his gift to the world. For more information on speaking engagements, new books or to just keep up with Romal, you can find him at RomalTune.com