What Is ClereStory?

Architecturally, the “clerestory” (pronounced “CLEAR-Story”) is the highest point of a wall containing windows that let in light.

Consciously and unconsciously, the unique story of people and institutions define and direct their actions. ClereStory is a process of shining a light on inherited narratives to identify their purpose and value. Identification leads to the Construction of a “new story” that redeems our past and focuses our attention and energies on desired future outcomes. Finally, each workshop uses the ClereStorymethodology to turn these “new stories” into Action with short-term strategic plans, that include immediate action steps, as well as long-term visioning.


The ClereVision Seminar is a life-changing day of discovery where participants discover the principles necessary to clarify their vision and create a plan of action to achieve it. Romal Tune and his team inspire and guide participants to rapidly process the “Complex Story” that has shaped their present, and develop a “ClereStory” of a preferred individual or corporate future. This workshop immerses participants in a dynamic environment of practical presentations and strategic small group sessions designed to infuse every aspect of participants’ lives with a clear sense of direction and meaning.

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Romal and his team introduce participants to the stories of those who are are successfully building infrastructure for financial stability in the market place and ministry. Participants also gain access to models of successful initiatives being implemented across the country that are creating jobs, funding small business startups, and identifying resources for community based ministry. This seminar includes small group breakout sessions to create customized plans of action.

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The ClereConscience program facilitates one-day seminars using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and personal narratives, as tools for overcoming the prolonged impact of emotional trauma.  The program targets parents with a personal history of childhood trauma as well as young adults between the ages of 18 and 24, and provides them with the tools to both identify the root source of trauma and overcome its impact. Individuals in the program take part in an eight-hour intensive course designed to walk them through the process of separating their sense of self-worth, personal value and meaning, from past pain. A licensed clinical therapist and a survivor of trauma facilitate seminars.

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Our Coaching Staff

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ClereVision Founder:
Romal Tune

Author, Speaker, Strategist

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ClereVision Strategist:
Christian Washington

REAL Coaching
Strategist, Coach, Pastor

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Kate Hilderbrandt

TMS Global
Coach, Innovation Manager,