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Author: Romal J. Tune | Publisher: FaithWords, | The Hachette Book Group | Release date: April 3, 2018

“Public relations expert and business consultant, ROMAL TUNE, provides insights on how authenticity with God will help you heal your past, love yourself, and equip you to emerge more powerful than ever.”
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Tune is the son of a drug-addicted single parent mother, who herself,
inherited deeply ingrained obstacles to self-love. He found his way out of poverty via the military. He graduated from Howard University and Duke School of Divinity. He was a minister, a sought-after speaker, and social entrepreneur. Outwardly, he was successful, an overcomer. Yet, his past, hidden childhood trauma would sometimes revolt, causing self-sabotage that threatened to destroy the life he was creating. He worked hard to keep the emotional brokenness caused by the challenges of his upbringing
carefully hidden -especially from the church.

His mother, with whom he successfully reconciled after she was finally free from addiction, died of lung cancer. Then he divorced–a second time.
Feeling like a failure, questioning his faith and will to live, he made a choice to not to give up but to examine his life and seek counseling.

Dubbed “Brother Brown” (a Black man’s Brené Brown), his book shares his process of applying therapy and faith to anger, shame, self-doubt and plaguing memories.

Romal learned that the pursuit of success was not the key to healing the inner turmoil but it was in learning to accept the love of God and learning to love the wounded child within. His past pain was redeemed as self-worth and he finally found inner peace. No longer carrying the weight of secrets, guilt and shame, he emerged
emotionally free and more powerful than ever. His book will empower others to stop living a past driven present by healing their stories,
embracing the love of God, and learning to truly love themselves.

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“This book is a beautiful reminder from a man who weaves his love for Jesus with real talk about vulnerability in a way that everyone can relate to and learn from. Romal, kicks the doors of complacency open wide and with arms outstretched, invites us to enter into wholeness.”

-Bob Goff, author of Love Does:
Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World

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“I love books that fully engage you from the first page–with deep humanity, dear honesty, and yes vulnerability! Books like this. I fear that I write far too abstractly and theoretically compared to Romal Tune. Read and meet a man on the real journey. It will change the way you see life, death, and perhaps even God.”

– Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., author of Falling Upward and Breathing Under Water

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ROMAL TUNE is Senior Advisor to the President of TMS Global, while also maintaining his public relations consulting company Tune & Associates. He is a highly sought-after communicator and seminar facilitator. His platform and cross sector relationships have positioned him as a global leader who takes individuals and institutions from setbacks to success by using the power of story. Romal consistently travels throughout the year helping
individuals and organizations find deeper meaning, maximize their potential, and live into their purpose by listening to their stories and living authentically. Coming from challenging
beginnings Romal defied the odds to become an All American Collegiate Scholar, Who’s Who in American Colleges and
Universities, and Magna Cum Laud honor graduate with a BSN
from Howard University and MDIV from Duke University School of Divinity. As a military veteran who served during Gulf War Desert Storm, moving individuals from setbacks to success as leaders is something he knows full well.

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